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What is the critical difference between winning or losing business?  Providing a professional experience when your customers call. So no matter how small your business, you should have access to the same features and professional functionality of a big company. With Hosted PBX, PS Lightwave delivers a best-in-class phone system with all the bells and whistles of a big company phone system - all at an incredibly attractive price.

 You can expect:

  • No large upfront capital expenditure on hardware
  • Phone hardware warranty that is covered by PS Lightwave
  • Management via our Cloud Switch
  • Flexibility to use the  web portal to manage phone calls from everywhere
  • Popular features such as simultaneous ring, voicemail, auto attendant, call forwarding, 3-way conferenceing, hunt groups, and music-on-hold
  • Mobility Package that enables you to integrate your iPhone or Android devices
  • Web interface that enables you to change features at a click of a mouse
  • Network-based service which means Hosted Voice offers superior business continuity benefits
  • Desktop soft phone which provides a full unified communications experience
  • Cost effective SIP Trunk bundles that are also flexible in quantity


Hosted PBX is truly the last phone system you’ll ever need. It delivers best-in-class capabilities that are affordable for all. Hosted PBX keeps your up-front investment to a minimum, as you are not purchasing an expensive on-site phone system. It’s completely scalable, meaning Hosted Voice grows with you as you grow your business. And since it’s cloud-based, new capabilities are continually added and improved upon.

Hosted Voice delivers a slew of features to make your business more productive. It has all the features you’d expect, plus capabilities such as:

  • Web portals for end-users and administrators
  • Mobile and desktop apps enable features such as Instant Messaging, Call Jump, video calling, and click-to-dial within Outlook
  • Powerful business-grade features such as Auto Attendant and music-on-hold
  • Optional contact center capabilities for call queuing, monitoring, and reporting

With Hosted PBX, there are no hidden costs – you simply pay a flat rate per phone per month and that’s it. As your business expands, you can simply add new users to your account. Have a remote employee? The power of Hosted Voice enables you to put a phone anywhere with an internet connection and have it work seamlessly with the rest of your business.

Web Portals Make Administration Easy

Hosted PBX provides a convenient web portal that makes it easy for users to set-up and change features to suit their needs. Visual voicemail makes it easy to listen to messages or have them sent to an email address. Business Call Manager contains powerful call routing capabilities such as simultaneous ring, distinctive ring tones, and remote call forwarding. In addition to the user portals, Hosted Voice has a separate web portal for managing business-level features.


A failed communications infrastructure can cost your business in lost sales opportunities and reduced employee productivity. Having a strategy to prepare against the unexpected is critical.

Hosted PBX can greatly add to your Business Continuity planning. Since calls are processed in the PS Lightwave network, not on your site, business can continue even if your facility is down. We can even automatically sense a disruption and route calls to another location or device automatically. Ask us how PSLightwave can help you devise a comprehensive Business Continuity strategy to keep you up-and-running.

Mobility and Unified Communications

PSLightwave's mobile app – Accession Communicator – is a great way to integrate a phone, tablet, or laptop into your communications landscape. Accession integrates your mobile device with desk phone functions and enables you to send and receive calls, instant messages, or video calls from any device connected to the Internet. Call Jump allows you to move a call to any other device silently and seamlessly.

On a laptop or desktop computer, Accession is a full-fledged unified communications tool. It enables you to integrate voice, video, instant messaging (IM), and email into a single platform for communication. Powerful ‘presence’ capabilities allow you to see the real-time status of co-workers – available, offline, on the phone, or in a meeting. Accession integrates with Outlook so that calling and IM can be integrated into email. It also integrates with CRM applications such as Salesforce or Sugar CRM and business productivity tools like Google apps and WebEx.

The Last Phone System You Need To Buy

With Hosted Voice, PS Lightwave is delivering a best-in-class phone system that allows you to buy only what you need. We take care of all the details – phones, equipment, installation, training, and ongoing service – so you can focus on your business. Best of all: we’re local – we’re available around the clock to help solve any problems you might have.

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