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"We already have WAN Optimization, why SD-WAN?"

WAN Optimization will soon become a legacy technology. 30-50% of large Enterprise traffic is shifting to the cloud, changing traffic flows and making traditional WAN suboptimal. It does not improve access to cloud applications or help with real-time application access. Also is being reduced to very specific apps.




PS LIGHTWAVE is offering an All-in-One Cloud NSX SD-WAN Orchestrator for enterprise, SD-WAN automation Deployment flexibility, and simplicity via

  • Activation: Zero Touch deployments, one-click service insertion
  • Form-Factor: Appliance,Virtual and Cloud Gateway or Non-VeloCloud sites
  • Outcome Driven: Overlay Flow Control, Segmentation, PKI, IPSec
  • Service Offering: Hosted Orchestrator


 Easy to deploy - No travel involved  Centralized provisioning
 Can purchase cheaper internet  Broadband vs. MPLS realized cost savings
 Improved access to the cloud  Faster, seamles for cloud applications
 Remote office performance as robust as company HQ  Routes traffic on the best & fastest route possible
Additional security

 SD WAN provides a secure overlay & devices are authenticated before the overlay

Monitor usage of apps & network resources Portal acces 24/7/365 for monitoring usage & resources
Migrate on your time table Can support incremental migration
Hybrid WAN, saving money on costly connectivity Ability to use lower cost internet access providers for branch offices
Connect to other devices & have an encrypted tunnel Dynamic VPN