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As a fiber optic network provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, PS LIGHTWAVE understands the local area and works with clients to determine solutions that best fit their connectivity needs.

PS LIGHTWAVE provides a host of solutions, from Ethernet and Internet to VoIP and Dark Fiber products for businesses, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, non-profit agencies and our carrier clients in the Greater Texas Region.

Whether you’re seeking a new telecommunication provider, or looking to better utilize your current infrastructure, PS LIGHTWAVE partners with your organization to ensure your network is leveraged to perform. 

PS LIGHTWAVE’s facilities-based network is designed to provide greater connectivity, reliability and redundancy through a superior, all-fiber, Layer 2 infrastructure and a switched environment, resulting in lower latency and faster speeds. Because the fiber optic network is built with 100G capacity, we can provide customers with a scalable network that can grow with the needs of business while offering clients the ability to burst up to a higher bandwidth capacity. Our clients benefit from consistent network availability, equal upload/download speeds, fast throughput and much more. The result: customers get all of their bandwidth, all of the time, for the most reliable network experience.

Through a state-of-the-art, high-quality switched Layer 2 infrastructure, PS LIGHTWAVE offers built-in redundancy to protect customers from downtime. This infrastructure utilizes 50-60 data ring networks located throughout Houston, providing low latency with fewer hops, less potential disruptions in service and exceptional coverage. This infrastructure provides the highest level of data protection in a network using best practices.