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Mike Walker, Safety/Fleet Manager

Mr. Mike Walker graduated from South East Academy in 1997. He served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in locations as globally diverse as South Korea, El Paso, and Honduras in the capacity of military policing. Mr. Walker served at the Pentagon during the clean-up and construction phases of the Pentagon after September 11.

Before joining Lightwave in 2010 he worked in construction, getting his start at his father’s company when he was in his teens. Since coming to Lightwave, he has worked in the splicing and outside plant fiber optic route design departments before becoming Lightwave’s Safety and Fleet Manager in 2018.

As PS Lightwave’s Safety Manager, Mr. Walker has found his passion as he effectively conducts safety meetings, field inspections, ensures employees have proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and the training required for their job. As Fleet Manager, Mr. Walker ensures Lightwave’s vehicles are maintained and in good working condition. This includes everything from oil changes to air conditioners on splicing trucks. In other words, Mike Walker makes sure employees work in a safe manner, and that they help each employee work in the same safe manner.

Mr. Walker’s personal goal is that every employee makes it home to his or her family the same way they came to work that day. He welcomes the job role’s fluidity, specifically speaking with each Lightwave employee and learning more about his job, seeing these things as a manifestation of Lightwave’s core values: Growth, Respect, Integrity and Trust. In 2019, Mr. Walker completed his Certified Occupational Safety Training, and is considered an “extremely knowledgeable person regarding the multiple departments the employees work in.” He is “very knowledgeable when asked about safety concerns and is an all-around good guy.”

Mr. Walker has three girls, loves baseball, movies and paints miniatures for tabletop war games and board games.