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Mike Tanner, Director of Sales

Mike Tanner comes to PS Lightwave with an abundance of experience in the telecommunications industry. Throughout his career, he has worked at nationally known industry players, such as SBC Communications and AT&T Wireless, as well as more regional giants Logix Communications, XO Communications and WinStar Communications. At each company, Mr. Tanner exceeded revenue expectations and pre-set limitations.

Lightwave excitedly welcomed Mr. Tanner in May, 2020 as Director of Sales. As such, he manages all sales efforts, strategically plans and launches new products and service, helps ensure Lightwave’s customer service standards are maintained, motivates the sales team, and ensures all expected sales targets are met. Mr. Tanner uses his 20 plus years of management experience to build high performance teams, providing sustainable and profitable revenues for Lightwave.

His world class, proven strategies and best practices develop markets and uncover untapped opportunities. His strong passion for leading teams, exceeding sales expectations, driving the right activities and reinforcing Lightwave’s positive culture and Core Values: Growth, Respect, Integrity and Trust.

His detail-driven dedication led him to several awards, including being the first (and only) manager at a previous company to win two Mercedes Benz for above-the-top sales performance, when other managers thought it could not be done! Mr. Tanner guides his team from the trenches, putting their needs first so that every member knows how valuable he or she is.

At home, Mr. Tanner is passionate about helping others, loves to go golfing, fishing and vacationing, and has been happily married for 27 years. He has two grown children, and he looks forward to continuing Lightwave’s tradition of valuing its employees!