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PS LIGHTWAVE’s network reach extends from downtown Houston to seven counties in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area and includes 5,500 all-fiber route miles and 1,600 on-net locations. We provide coverage in Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, Waller, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties. Contact us for a fiber map or more details regarding Houston’s largest private Metropolitan Area Network. 

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FIBER MAP IMAGE: PS LIGHTWAVE provides services over a 5,500 route-mile, facilities-based network comprised of our own segments and interconnections with other carriers and partners. We are strategically expanding our network presence in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area based on market growth and customer demand.

PS LIGHTWAVE’s quality infrastructure was built as carrier class data rings to provide optimal redundancy on an all-fiber network. Should a fiber become damaged or cut in the ring network, the data transition will not be lost. Instead, the transmission will simply reroute due to built-in redundancy.

PS LIGHTWAVE strategically-invested in a switched, Layer 2 network infrastructure that incorporates 50-60 data ring networks throughout Houston to provide built-in redundancy, protecting our clients from downtime while delivering lower latency and faster connections. While PS LIGHTWAVE was establishing innovative network solutions, other telecommunication companies still relied on routing, resulting in a slower form of connectivity. Today, our long-term investment has returned immense value to PS LIGHTWAVE customers who benefit from built-in redundancy, low latency and fewer hops while transporting information across the network.